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Air Conditioning Installation in El Paso

Air Conditioning Installation provided by ep temp line

Installing a brand-new AC system can be a tricky and costly endeavor. In the Sun City, though, you have to have a top-notch cooling system to survive the heat. That’s where EP Temp Line comes in, installing the industry’s best AC units for both residential and commercial customers. 

Since 2007, EP Temp Line has been regarded as one of El Paso’s best for air conditioning installation. We provide lightning-fast quotes and estimates for our clients, along with flexible financing plans to meet any budget. Our highly-reviewed units also come with excellent warranties and one year of complimentary maintenance, ensuring you get the consistent, cool air you need. EP Temp Line is the city’s choice for local AC installation, repair, and maintenance—let us take care of your AC system. 

Air Conditioning Installation in El Paso 

With El Paso being the home of our engineers, technicians, and support staff, we take special pride in being allowed to serve the homes and businesses of our community. To that end, we constantly renew our training and focus to guarantee each customer receives the absolute best service we can offer. EP Temp Line has grown as the city has grown, thanks to the support of our customers. Regardless of how extensive your installation project is, our staff can accomplish it to satisfy your needs and budget. 

Our Air Conditioning Installation Services

Air conditioning installation can take many forms, depending on the setting, type of unit, energy requirements, and many more. Here’s a basic list of the installation services we offer:

  • Residential AC Installation
  • Commercial AC Installation
  • Refrigerated Air Conversion
  • Custom Ductwork 
  • AC System Design and Load Calculation

Signs Your System May Need Replacing

If you don’t work in the HVAC industry, it can often be hard to tell whether your system actually needs to be replaced or not. That’s why we’ve compiled a few telltale signs that your system may need a serious repair or replacement.

No Cool Air/Low Air Flow

This is perhaps the most obvious sign that your AC system isn’t working the way it should. Any number of issues could be causing it, from clogged filters to a damaged control board or capacitor. 


If your AC system has been around for 15 years or more, it may be time for a replacement. Older systems often have huge repair costs with diminishing long-term benefits.

Smells and Sounds

Strange sounds or smells can also be a dead giveaway for a major issue. If you hear an unusual knocking or scraping sound or smell weird smells, you should turn off the unit and call a professional immediately.

Moisture Build-up

Moisture build-up around the AC unit is another issue, usually associated with the condensate drain, refrigerant, or filter.


Any kinds of leaks, be it water, gas, or coolant, are a big sign that something may be amiss with your AC system. Contact us immediately if you notice any kind of leaks.

Rising Energy Bill

Are you noticing a rise in your energy bill, but your usage has stayed roughly the same? That may be a sign that something is causing your AC system to lose efficiency. 

Each sign by itself may not necessarily mean that your system needs to be replaced entirely, but having a number of these issues may mean a full replacement would be a better value than repair. When our technicians inspect your system, they give a full report of every component, along with our recommendations on the best course of action. 

Financing Options For Your New AC System

If you’re worried about the price of a new installation, then we have the financing option for you. EP Temp Line has partnered with Wells Fargo Financial National Bank. Through Wells Fargo, we’re able to tailor financing plans to every clients’ specific budget. Ask about our AC installation financing plans today! 

Let EP Temp Line Install Your New AC System 

For reliable, top-tier AC services, EP Temp Line is El Paso’s #1 choice. We’d be proud to install your brand-new air conditioning system—contact us today!